Our Technology Makes Your Life Easier

Prevailing as a business today is good, but we believe it is vital to be visionary to survive economic uncertainties and surpass our clients’ expectations.

At BMA Transport, we invest in technology to meet our customers’ needs even before they materialize. This is how we can consistently provide satisfying and delightful experiences.


A complete dispatch system

Did you know that over 99% of our deliveries are hassle-free?

Our clients’ biggest preoccupation is the state of the cars before and after shipment.

We know this. Therefore, we came up with a technological tool 100% hassle-free for our clients: the Keep N Eye app.

A revolution in vehicle transport!


Where is my vehicle?


Has it arrived?


In what condition is it?

How The App Works

Multiple Intuitive Options Available


With Keep N Eye mobile app, track every step while we ship your vehicle.

Simple, convenient and efficient.

Why Should You Choose BMA Transport?

Multiple Advantages, Including An Automated Dispatch System

  • Real-time tracking of your vehicle thanks to geolocation
  • History of all your vehicle’s transitional phases
  • 7 photos taken before delivery
  • Detailed inspection by our team
  • Predetermined pickup and delivery dates
  • Better management and coordination of your operations and internal resources
  • Create your account now, it’s free
  • From your desktop or even from your mobile

With Keep N Eye, gray areas, frustrations, unexpected delays and disputes vanish: our mobile app provides a 100% transparent vehicle transport.

A well-informed and reassured client is a satisfied one!

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